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Welcome to Mining City Messages, the blog for Mining City Mysteries. This is the best place to get the scoop on Deadly Reckoning, the first in the series.  You'll have the opportunity to find out all the news that's fit to print about Butte, what news the Mining City Messenger is covering, and what troubles Mesa or Chance Dawson will hope to avoid. The weather routinely creates a problem here in Summit Valley. 

Today, for example, we have fires to the south and the west of Butte. That means we wake to a slightly less blue sky in some directions. It's really all about the wind. If it's blowing in your direction, then expect dry mouth and burning eyes when you go for your morning hike.


If you've never lived in fire country, you might not know that fire season is a subset of summer, usually late summer, thought we had fires in early June as well. If you're on the East Coast, the middle of the country or over in the old sod (England where my cousins live), the possibility of smoky skies nearby can seem a bit scary. With barely a million people in a state that is 4th in area after Alaska, California, and Texas, we do have a lot of uninhabited forest and that's mostly where the fires burn uncontained.


Still, concern arises when the temp is in the 90's and the wind is gusting up to 40 mph. (Can you say "tinder box?") The weather service issues a Red Flag alert and everyone knows that no open fires are permitting anywhere for any reason. Puts a tiny damper on the vacation if you're  camping but hey, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a lot safer...

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