"It ain’t over ‘til the last sunset."

  HuntingIn a never-ending attempt to bridge the cultural gap between west and east (stateside), we turn out attention to hunting season. Often a controversial subject back east, the killing of wild animals for food remains a highly respected tradition here in the west. Witness this recent article in the Montana Standard, outlining the last minute efforts of hunters to 'fill their freezers.' Consider a couple of important factoids while you contemplate the plight of the mighty hunter.


First, 99% of Montana hunters either eat the meat from their kill or share it with friends or family, or give it to a food bank or non profit group to feed those in need. Game wardens are on patrol to make sure no hunter leaves a carcass in the field. Second, the actual # of hunters in Montana is less than 20 thousand licensed people, and third, of those hunters, less than 8% actually bag anything.


So, decide for yourself if the deer, elk, antelope, and moose have a chance. Now you can understand what the article means when it says that despite the bluebird weather (that's Montanan for balmy skies, no snow or cold winds), "the lure of Black Friday pales compared to the pressure of Red Weekend (final couple of days of hunting season)."

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