Press Agents for Wolves

Of all the subjects about the west that elicit the greatest polarity of opinion, nothing beats a discussion about wolves. If I have learned one thing about living in the west, it's that being on the ground, actually being here, gives you a much more accurate perspective. wolf hybrid 1226 0

 I am amazed at the amount of newspaper column inches that are devoted to canis lupus who at best number no more than a 1000 in the whole state. I have no doubt there are up and coming actors and actresses in Hollywood who would love to get the media coverage that wolves do. 


 Wolves get more coverage than all the other wild animals in Montana combined and that includes griz. Wolves get more coverage than most political issues with the possible exception of Obama and healthcare. No matter where you may follow on the continuum of wolf loving/hating, they are media darlings. Here's the latest story about hybrids that caught my eye

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