Here we go again, this time the Wall St. Journal

Every four or five years, Butte does seem to have a discussion about our open container law which allows for 24 hr drinking on the streets. And I don't mind if folks in NYC want to comment upon it. BUT behind the finely detailed journalistic narrative, I detect a tone of "really"? Or 'Look at the animals in the zoo."

Call me sensitive but "raucous debate' is not exactly how I would term our local government's recurring visit to this topic. No doubt one can site the streets of Manhattan, The Village and Soho for their civility and sophistication, but I'm willing to bet there is a comparable amount of liquor being consumed on its streets after hours, much to the chagrin of the city fathers/mothers. Butte's just not hypocritical about it. Oh, and I could walk through the middle of Uptown Butte at 4am without a worry. Doubt anyone can say that about the aforementioned parts of the Big Apple. What, what's that you say - unfair comparison?...

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