The War Bride Story

 After World War II, more than 20 women from the British Isles and various parts of Europe came to Butte as wives of American soldiers. My own mother came from London to live in Kentucky after she met my dad during the war. These women's lives inspired me to include them as characters in Deadly Reckoning.


 Mesa and Chance's grandmother, Rose Ducharme, is named after my own mother. They call her NanaRose just as my own daugther called my mother. Details of other Butte war brides I have met are embellished to form the background of the character as well. War brides were couragous women who did important war work, surviving difficult cirucumstances, and then immigrated to America not knowing when they'd be able to see their families again. 


I became sufficiently interested in their lives, especially the women in Butte, that I developed a presentation about the subject and passed along what I learned to the Butte Archives. You can see the power point on youtube at the war bride story

Marian at the Butte Archives



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