By Robin Jordan, Butte Weekly 9-4-3

Local author Marian Jensen has recently published her debut mystery novel, "Deadly Reckoning" online at and said the process has opened her eyes to the ease with which she can finally share her story with the world.

Jensen said she made the decision to release her book electronically after becoming frustrated with the process of trying to shop the book to New York publishing houses.
"As a writer, the most frustrating thing is to put your heart and soul into a book and seeing it go into a void. The publishing industry operates in a cloak of mystery. Ebooks allow writers to lift that cloak," she said.
Jensen said she began exploring the possibility of publishing electronically just a few short weeks ago. She said she was surprised how easy and quick, and inexpensive the process has become.
"People may be daunted by the technology involved in the process, but it's really very simple," she said.
According to Jensen's press release, "Deadly Reckoning" is the story that unravels when a plane crashes in uptown Butte.
"In the town that produced Evel Knievel, a plane that attempts to land on a city street is not a surprise, unless the pilot disappears and leaves a dead man in his place. When a Cesna 180 crashes into a miner's cottage in historic uptown Butte, two men flee the plane leaving behind a third who isn't talking. He's dead. Did the victim, a high profile ex-con, deserve this fate? What was he doing in Butte anyway and just how did he die? Chance Dawson and his sister, Mesa, who edits the weekly paper pursue a bittersweet story that takes them from Montana to Idaho and Utah where western individualism and retribution collide to reveal a killer," the press release explains.
"Butte is as much a character in the book as the people," Jensen said.
Jensen said the historical backdrop of the city provides readers a familiar setting in which fictional events play out. Growing up in eastern U.S. cities, she said she is sensitive to the different character of life in Montana and the clash between the urban environment and life in the west is a theme that runs through the book.
"Butte is the perfect location for a mystery novel," she said. "Every day I go out, I see something to write about. I hope my work will help promote the uniqueness of Butte."
Jensen began writing novels since she came to Butte in the 1990s. After retiring as a college administrator, she attended the Antioch Writers Workshop (AWW) in Yellow Springs, Ohio and became inspired to write mysteries after taking a weeklong fiction-writing class from Sue Grafton, the best-selling author of the alphabet series. Eventually, Jensen became one of AAW's co-directors and honed her craft.
Jensen said "Deadly Reckoning" is the first book in a series she plans to write, "Mining City Mysteries." She said she is already in the process of writing the next book in the series, which she hopes will be ready for publication in about a year.
"Deadly Reckoning" is available online at for Kindle and at for all other digital readers. Jensen said she will soon offer a print-on-demand version for download through
To learn more about the novel and the series, go online to and on Facebook/miningcitymysteries.

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