The Pit R Us

Dick Gibson , Butte geologist and bon vivant, shared a story about the pit on Slate where this 'watery wonder' as it is tagged, is featured in the online magazine's Atlas Obscura, a travel log. The other tags are Martian landscapes and disaster areas. 



The pit is mentioned early on in Deadly Reckoning and quite on purpose. It's partly the East/West thing again. For many who visit our fair city, including a lot of in-staters, the Pit is something to be ignored or if noticed, then denigrated. People in Butte on the other hand have embraced the pit for what it stands for, a part of history, a living example of 'paying the band, if you want to dance.'


 One often feels that our willingness to live with the transgression of corporate exploiters, even as we force them to clean up whatever of the mess they can, makes us the source of pity, if not ridicule.  Au contraire, part of what makes Butte 'the most unplastic place in America' is that we acknowledge and don't look away from, or pretend that life is different than it is. That's why the Chamber of Commerce built a viewing stand for the Pit instead of a wall around it...

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