5 seasons?

  Probably nothing typifies the gap between the eastern and western states more than wildfire season. Along with summer, fall and spring (both admittedly short), and a very long winter, Montanans deal with fire season. Sometimes starting as early in June, but more likely in hot, dry August, the season can also seep into September.Like today, our beautiful blue Big Sky is nowhere to be seen. Rather a grey brown pall of smoke has descended upon us as fires have been burning in three different directions for a number of weeks.


Firefighters preparing to go into the Pintler range.  

Some of these fires have been burning for weeks and have spread as far as 17 square miles.


That would be roughly the area of Allentown, PA, and that's just one fire.  In the midst of a drought and with an annual rainfall that is less than many eastern states average per month, Montana's firefighters have their work cut out for them. Only the change of season, cold nights and the coming of snow will finally put the fires out. And we'll have our blue skies back again.

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