You Never Know What You'll Dig up in Butte

The historic part of Butte is built on the side of a mountain, the original housing within a few feet of the entrances to the many mines that dotted the 'richest hill on earth.'  When the commerical center of town developed at the turn of the 20th century, many buildings had lower level entrances. Decades passed and sidewalks were laid right next to the building and these lower entrances were hidden. 

underground storefront

Prigge building





Imagine then the backhoe driver's surprise when he removed this sidewalk on East Broadway to begin renovation of a building this summer. Once again the entrance is revealed. This time the building's owner (right on, Prigge's) will allow this fascinating piece of architectural history to remain visible to all.


For more about these underground storefronts and all things architectural in Butte, check out Richard Gibson's blog.


Marian at the Butte Archives



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