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A shot in Two Dot

I am fond of saying how unique it is for Montanans to have such amazing access to their elected officials including their US Senators. This story says it all.

Baucus in two dot

Retiring Senator Baucus makes his regular stop in Two Dot, Montana where the population is only slightly larger than the number of shot glasses on the bar. A shot in Two Dot is or was a regular event on his trips across the state. Read the story about his recent farewell visit here. 

Montana Population Control

winter weather


In solidarity with all those folks in Atlanta - of course, we won't close the schools, the businesses, or the highways. It's just another winter day.


Fraction of Time Spent in Various Temperature Bands in January in Montana:Cold - 19%; freezing - 49%; frigid - 39%.

Here we go again, this time the Wall St. Journal

Every four or five years, Butte does seem to have a discussion about our open container law which allows for 24 hr drinking on the streets. And I don't mind if folks in NYC want to comment upon it. BUT behind the finely detailed journalistic narrative, I detect a tone of "really"? Or 'Look at the animals in the zoo."

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"It ain’t over ‘til the last sunset."

  HuntingIn a never-ending attempt to bridge the cultural gap between west and east (stateside), we turn out attention to hunting season. Often a controversial subject back east, the killing of wild animals for food remains a highly respected tradition here in the west. Witness this recent article in the Montana Standard, outlining the last minute efforts of hunters to 'fill their freezers.' Consider a couple of important factoids while you contemplate the plight of the mighty hunter.

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Late night patrol

I have ridden with the Butte Silver Bow police at night when the only call was a guy at the KOA who was unhappy about his camp site assignment and on the edge of starting a kerfuffle.  A bear up a tree would have been way more fun!

bear up a tree

Press Agents for Wolves

Of all the subjects about the west that elicit the greatest polarity of opinion, nothing beats a discussion about wolves. If I have learned one thing about living in the west, it's that being on the ground, actually being here, gives you a much more accurate perspective. wolf hybrid 1226 0

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Deadly Reckoning article in the Montana Standard

Butte inspires mystery novel

Butte serves not only as a backdrop for much of a local author's book, but also as inspiration.

"Deadly Reckoning," a mystery by Marian Jensen, centers on a plane crash into a miner's cottage in Uptown.

"Butte is as much a character in the book, as the people," Jensen said.

The bevy of storytellers Jensen has met since moving to Butte also played a significant role in molding the story.

"There is no shortage of material to draw upon," she added.

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Marian at the Butte Archives



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