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Book review: New mystery weaves essence of Butte -As with the two earlier volumes in her Mining City Mysteries series, Marian Jensen has set a compelling mystery story in her adopted home town, Butte. “Mortal Wounds” brings newspaper reporter Mesa Dawson face to face with the complex intrigue behind a violent death, and we don’t have to wait for this story to get off the ground.Read more from the Standard here.

Turns out... - pt. 2

   Apparently three makes the nomenclature 'series' legit. Hence the desire to give a common theme to all the book covers. In case you're wondering where I was going with the design, I thought I'd give a heads up to those readers who have not had the great good forture to visit the Mining City. Turns out ( there's that phrase again? that Butte has one of the largest collections of ghost signs in the country. Ghost sign? You know, those old timey painted advertisements that preceded billboards, and TV commercials, let alone the Internet. Decades later these signs have taken on a mythical status as graphic art.  Check this article for background on Butte's signage.. Anyway - the ghost signs are the inspiration for the new cover design...

The Self-Publisher's Ultimate Resource Guide

I received a free copy of this book to review in case any of you out there want to try your hand at independent publishing, which ain't for sissies. This book contains thirty or so lists of resources for the various aspects of self-publishing. While there is no expert providing a context for what is on the list, or indication of how these resources were vetted, you've got a lot of resources in one place.
If you find Google frustrating, this Guide might help.

Turns out YOU CAN tell a book by its cover


Another Pedro Pan 'kid'



Juan Jose Valdes, The Geographer at the National Geographic Society, left Havana as a child but luckily was soon reunited with his family who got out of Cuba, unlike many of these children's parents. Read more about Juan here.

Life Imitating Fiction

helena plane crash

Plane Crashes into Helena House. Read the details  here

"If a plane crashes into your house, you gotta wonder if the good Lord is trying to tell you something," a man standing nearby muttered. (from Deadly Reckoning)


Cuba's displaced Pedro Pan kids

oppA plotline in Grave Madness involves Operation Pedro Pan, the exodus and exile of Cuban children to the States in the 60's. Since the President's recent decision to open relations with Cuba, I've been waiting to hear about the reaction of the now grown 'Pedro Pan' kids. The Washington Post's interview with the mayor of Denver, a Pedro Pan 'kid', reveals the story here.

Marian at the Butte Archives



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