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Here kitty, kitty -NOT!

Once you move out west, you soon learn to remember that the animals were here first. However, when the mountain lion is meandering through a neighborhood less than 4 miles from your house, it does remind you to close the door to the deck at night.  Don't want any hungry cats coming in to lick the dirty dishes. Read about the big cat who came to town yesterday right here.

Lucky plane crash

Plane crashes figure mightily in Deadly Reckoning, the first novel in Mining City Mysteries. Crash landing in the mountains (east of Yellowstone Park)  and walking away from it is miraculous enough. Then you have to find your way back to civilization from a desolate area (Shoshone National Forest). And then there's the weather. A young Montana pilot gives a vivid description of her recent, disasterous flight. Maybe it was the spirit of Amelia Earhart, who had planned to build a cabin nearby, that made the difference.

Earhart monument 640x480


Find the news story about the crash here 

Butte Ghosts

Today, we're all about the Paranormal in Butte. Two well known, regular haunts are the Copper King Mansion on Granite St., and the Dumas Brothel on Mercury St. It's no surprise that Butte's hardscrabble history has produced some lingering residents of the netherworld. For those interested in the evidence, check out Butte's Paranormal Investigative Team at buttePIT on Facebook

Amazon Launch Party

Amazon launchIn honor of Butte's long and distinguished Labor history, we'll be hosting a virtual launch party on Labor Day, September 2nd, for Deadly Reckoning, the first novel in the Mining City Mysteries series. The party's on Facebook at Miningcitymysteries during the 4 to 11 shift! We'll have virtual champagne with bubbles and clinking of glasses in the background. You'll hear some behind the scenes stories about Deadly Reckoning and maybe even win a copy in our raffle. Everybody's invited. Bring a friend and like our page!

Mining City Messages

Welcome to Mining City Messages, the blog for Mining City Mysteries. This is the best place to get the scoop on Deadly Reckoning, the first in the series.  You'll have the opportunity to find out all the news that's fit to print about Butte, what news the Mining City Messenger is covering, and what troubles Mesa or Chance Dawson will hope to avoid. The weather routinely creates a problem here in Summit Valley. 

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