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This is part of the deal.

  Waking up to snow this September morning, I was also reminded of the vagaries of life in the west by a story on the front page of the newspaper, "Mountain Lion killed in Anaconda."  I've seen a couple of mountain lions in my time out west. They are beautiful, sleek, and powerful. I hate the thought of having to put one down. That said, would I want one prowling around the deck in my backyard. N-O. When a wild animal is found in a neighborhood in the middle of the day, it's a sad event all the way round. 

Paperback copies of Deadly Reckoning

   Paperback copies of Deadly Reckoning are now available for purchase on the Internet at

The War Bride Story

 After World War II, more than 20 women from the British Isles and various parts of Europe came to Butte as wives of American soldiers. My own mother came from London to live in Kentucky after she met my dad during the war. These women's lives inspired me to include them as characters in Deadly Reckoning.

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An alternate universe

Am following with interest the legal challenges over Huguette Clark's will. The story is high on my list for making it into the next novel in the Mining City series. Only in my version Butte gets some of the money to restore the Art Chateau to its former glory!

huguette clark

Butte born 'poor little rich girl'

Local author publishes debut mystery novel online

By Robin Jordan, Butte Weekly 9-4-3

Local author Marian Jensen has recently published her debut mystery novel, "Deadly Reckoning" online at and said the process has opened her eyes to the ease with which she can finally share her story with the world.

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