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winter weather


In solidarity with all those folks in Atlanta - of course, we won't close the schools, the businesses, or the highways. It's just another winter day.


Fraction of Time Spent in Various Temperature Bands in January in Montana:Cold - 19%; freezing - 49%; frigid - 39%.

"It ain’t over ‘til the last sunset."

  HuntingIn a never-ending attempt to bridge the cultural gap between west and east (stateside), we turn out attention to hunting season. Often a controversial subject back east, the killing of wild animals for food remains a highly respected tradition here in the west. Witness this recent article in the Montana Standard, outlining the last minute efforts of hunters to 'fill their freezers.' Consider a couple of important factoids while you contemplate the plight of the mighty hunter.

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Here we go again, this time the Wall St. Journal

Every four or five years, Butte does seem to have a discussion about our open container law which allows for 24 hr drinking on the streets. And I don't mind if folks in NYC want to comment upon it. BUT behind the finely detailed journalistic narrative, I detect a tone of "really"? Or 'Look at the animals in the zoo."

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Press Agents for Wolves

Of all the subjects about the west that elicit the greatest polarity of opinion, nothing beats a discussion about wolves. If I have learned one thing about living in the west, it's that being on the ground, actually being here, gives you a much more accurate perspective. wolf hybrid 1226 0

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Late night patrol

I have ridden with the Butte Silver Bow police at night when the only call was a guy at the KOA who was unhappy about his camp site assignment and on the edge of starting a kerfuffle.  A bear up a tree would have been way more fun!

bear up a tree

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