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Grave Madness, the second in the Mining City Mystery Series, is an uncommonly smart mystery set in Butte, Montana, that explores the stigma of mental illness, the bonds of enduring friendship and old secrets coming to light.

We're Back!

The hiatus is over. Grave Madness, the second installment of the Mining City Mysteries is available starting today. To buy a soft cover editon. go to Createspace. For Kindle, go to Amazon, For all other ebook readers, go to Smashwords

Wisdom today, Opportunity tomorrow

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How Wisdom, Montana got its name reaches back to the travels of Lewis and Clark, and you can read about it here. This time of year this is the question to ask: Is Wisdom the coldest place in the nation today?  #8 on the list of cities with highest number of days of 32 degrees or less (277 days a yr), some folks question the efficacy of the town's name, but then these are people who enjoy skijoring.



An interview with the author of Deadly Reckoning

Is there a writing life after retirement? 

Hell yeah! Check out the link below and go directly to pp. 8-10.

Montana Senior News

A shot in Two Dot

I am fond of saying how unique it is for Montanans to have such amazing access to their elected officials including their US Senators. This story says it all.

Baucus in two dot

Retiring Senator Baucus makes his regular stop in Two Dot, Montana where the population is only slightly larger than the number of shot glasses on the bar. A shot in Two Dot is or was a regular event on his trips across the state. Read the story about his recent farewell visit here. 

Marian at the Butte Archives



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